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A Prairie Girl Rides Some Hills

Up until today, we have been riding mostly flat lands or slightly rolling hills. Today, we entered the Alpilles. Sounds a lot like “Alps”, don’t you think? They aren’t as high as the Alps, but for a prairie girl packing a 25 pounds in panniers, it was an unnerving prospect to ride some serious hills.

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Cycling to the Camargue and the Mediterrean


After of day of city sightseeing yesterday, we decided to head out on our bikes and experience some nature.

The Rhone River flows through Arles and drains into the Mediterranean Sea. The Camargue is a national park at the river delta. It is pronounced “Caw Marg” but the pronunciation “Caw Mar Goo” is stuck in my head. Whenever I say that to a local, they look at me with a most perplexed look.

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