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Jeanne d’Arc – the Maid of Orléans


Orléans is a beautiful city, with a compact but well maintained historical center.

One needs spend little time in Orléans to see the cultural significance of Joan of Arc.  Known as Jeanne d’Arc in France, she is a national hero and was canonized as a Catholic saint in 1920.  Not wanting to sound like a history dissertation, these are some of the highlights of her life.  At the age of 13, in 1425, Joan began to hear voices, which commanded her to go and help the uncrowned French King Charles VII battle the English in the Hundred Years’ War.  The city of Orléans had been under siege by the English and Joan of Arc was instrumental in lifting the siege after nine days.  In 1430, she was captured by English allies and handed over to the English.  She was tried, found guilty, and burned at the stake in 1431, at the age of 19. She is celebrated every year in May in Orléans.  These photos represent just some of the commemorations of her here. She is a fascinating women of French history.

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Arriving in Orléans, France


We made it! I must be getting a little more accustomed to airline travel because usually an overseas flight feels very long and arduous but, honestly, today wasn’t too bad.  We arrived in Paris at 8:30 a.m. and caught the train to Orléans soon after.  By 2:30, we had checked into our hotel.  Originally, we had planned to unbox our bikes at the Paris airport, thinking it would be easier to wheel them around than carry the boxes.  In the end, the airport seemed too hectic and we took them boxed on the train.  It was a bit of a struggle (for Dennis) but in the end it was the right decision.  Dennis could leisurely get the bikes set up in the courtyard of our hotel, rather than the mayhem of the airport.


While Dennis struggled with the bikes, I had a nap.  Perfect solution, I think!

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