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Sailing the S.S. Badger

Every year on the Cycle of Hope, we will get one day off in two weeks, a reprieve from riding.  Usually, our day-off falls on a Sunday, but this year, on Saturday we reached the shore of Lake Michigan and the organizers have found a creative way for us to cross the lake and enjoy a day-off.  Today, we were lucky enough to ride on a floating entry in the National Registry of Historical Places (NRHP), the S.S. Badger. The NRHP is the United States government’s official list of “districts, sites, buildings, structures and objects deemed worthy of preservation.” There are more than 1 million such registrants in the NRHP, but less than 100 of them are ships or boats, and we are lucky to have spent our morning on one of these ships as we cross Lake Michigan.

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Lake Erie – One Big Lake

Harking back to my elementary school education where I had to color and label a map of the Great Lakes that the teacher “mimeographed” for me, (in the days before photocopiers), and reading up in my ever-trusty source of all information, Wikipedia, I find that Lake Erie is in fact the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes. In other words, it is the second smallest of the Great Lakes. In spite of its rather poor showing in terms of size compared to the other Great Lakes, Lake Erie is either the 10th or the 13th largest lake in the world (depending on how one chooses to measure such things.). Riding along its shore on a bike serves to reinforce exactly how large it really is.

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Day 1 Jitters

Niagara Fall to Simcoe, Ontario

Today is lift-off! After months of fundraising for Habitat for Humanity and diligently training on our bicycles, it’s time to hit the road, leave Niagara Falls behind and begin the long but wonderful journey back to Winnipeg on our bikes! As we gather in our matching jerseys for a group photo before we depart, the excitement among the group is palpable. In total, we will cover over 1600 kilometers (1000 miles) in 12 days. Today’s leg begins in Niagara Falls and ends, 148 kilometers later in Simcoe, Ontario. For some of us, this will be the longest ride we have ever dared to try.  New riders anxiously wonder whether or not they up to the challenge. Continue reading


Cycle of Hope 2015

Here we go! After a two day drive, sixty Winnipeggers rolled into Niagara Falls today, amid little fanfare, but with a big task at hand.  We leave tomorrow morning, heading back home, but on the return trip, we are on bicycles.  We will cover 1000 miles (1600 kilometers) in support of Habitat for Humanity and the Cycle of Hope.

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