Well Spoke'n

Exploring the World by Bike

Where to Start?

If you are new to the blog, let me offer a few suggestions to help you get a flavor of what this blog has to offer.

A self-guided cycling trip in France was my first significant trip and the impetus for writing this blog.  The Grand Adventure Begins was my first post, written before I started out on my trip, highlighting the excitement and anxieties of planning a self-guided holiday.  Au Revoir was the farewell post, as I pined nostalgic about the places visited and the lessons learned.

If you are keen to explore New Zealand as a cycle-tourist, check out the Hawke’s Bay ride to experience the flavor of the North Island or for a South Island offering read about Hokitika and the West Coast Wilderness Trail.

Just for the fun of it, have a read through Junk Drawer Junk or Cats and Bicycles, neither of which really talk about bicycles, but provide some humorous reading. At least I hope, they provide some humorous reading.

For a sentimental look at the bicycle, try Happy Mother’s Day.

I hope you like what you read.  Send me your comments.  I’m keen to hear what you liked and what left you a little flat (a sort of lame bicycle pun)!