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Big Falls to Little Falls

I wonder if the people who planned this trip had a bit of a sense of humor when they picked out our final destination for the ride. Twelve days ago, we set out from Niagara Falls, not the tallest waterfalls in the world, but the one which has the largest flow rate of any waterfall in the world. Today, we finish at Little Falls, Minnesota.  Big Falls to Little Falls.

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The Slow Road

We have been very lucky to experience a ride that has taken advantage of some of the most dramatic waterways in North America.  We have ridden on the shores of Lakes Erie, Huron and Michigan. We ferried across Lake Michigan on the S.S. Badger.  Today, we followed the Mississippi River on the Great River Road. It is a scenic byway that follows the Mississippi from its headwaters in Minnesota until it reaches the Gulf of Mexico in New Orleans.  It is 3000 miles long and touches on 10 states.  (Details are available at Great River Road).

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Waubun? Waupun? Wisconsin

Here’s the story about tonight’s rest stop.   Waupun was to be called Waubun, meaning “dawn of day” in Ojibwa, but someone working for the State of Wisconsin made a spelling error and the town never bothered to change it.  (I can empathize with this poor guy.  As I was writing this post, I had to keep checking the spelling of the city name, only to find that I actually spelled it incorrectly.)  Every place has its own little peculiarity and that is it for Waubun/Waupun.

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