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We have been at this for over a week now, having left on Monday, July 6, with one day off this past Saturday.  I have to admit that the fatigue from riding lots and lots of miles every day is finally setting in.

I see it in myself.  I see it in my lack of organization which is something I usually take pride in.  Today, I packed up my things and got them into the luggage trailer, only to find that I had forgotten to get a pair of cycling gloves and a case to store my non-sun glasses.  Not the end of the world, but I was worried that my hands and my wrists might suffer from riding without gloves.  I see the fatigue in others, too.  Lights out is at 10 o’clock but many are fully asleep already at 9:30 as I type this.

Today’s ride was to be 158 kilometers from Mauston, Wisconsin to Winona, Minnesota, with sometime spent riding along the Mississippi River.  The morning was fun with some of the toughest hills we have experienced this week but also some of the best downhills.  Check out the downhill waiting for me to experience here.


We rode through Sparta, Wisconsin which claims to be the bicycling capital of America.  Some research on the internet fails to provide any insight as to why this may be, but the town mascot on his penny-farthing bicycle points the way to the tourist office.


Today’s ride was cut short due to some unanticipated road construction.  The support crew worked to find an alternate route for us where we could avoid it, but in the end, by the time a workable plan was shaping up, it was too late in the day.  We ended up racking our bikes after 85 kilometers and driving into Winona.

Don’t tell anyone, but my legs were thankful.

Details for today

Distance: 85 km. (revised)  / 1098 km. total

Weather: another scorcher – 27 degrees and 33 with the humidex

Route Map:  Mauston, WI to Winona, MN

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