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97 F

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Here’s all you need to know about today.  Hilly.  Windy.  148 kilometers. 97 degrees Fahrenheit.

Actually, I think I am underselling how great a day it was.

Our last rest stop at 100 kilometers was adjacent to a gas station.  Somehow, we haven’t managed to take the time during this trip for an ice cream break mid-ride.  It’s been all about the serious business of riding.  Today, with the heat, everyone needed a break, so we enjoyed an ice cream in the shade.  I opted for a Starbucks frappuccino with lots of ice – a great source of sugar and caffeine to power me through the rest of the ride.

We all charged our water bottles full of ice and headed off, finishing strong.  It’s amazing how the simple pleasures of ice cream and ice cold water can be such a salvation.

Ice cream treats!

Ice cream treats!

Details for today

Distance: 148 km. / 1013 km. total

Route Map:  Waupun to Mauston, WI

Entire Route:  Entire Route

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