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Day 4 – Sarnia, Ontario to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Today, we say goodbye to Canada, as we leave Sarnia and head west into Michigan.

This is my fourth Cycle of Hope ride. Every year, we have a different starting off point and a different route. This is the first time that I have spent any time cycling with the COH riding in Canada. Previous rides have originated in the United States and for the most part, passed through American locals. It is difficult to ride in Canada because we rely on the hospitality of the communities where we spend the night to offer us dinner and accommodations. Because of the lower population density in Canada, it is difficult to find towns or cities along a Canadian route that could accommodate a group of up to 60 people. Imagine riding across the Canadian prairies as an example. One could ride for a whole day and pass through only a few small towns.

Southern Ontario provided a great opportunity for some Canadian riding. With enough larger towns and cities along the route, with beautiful scenery, it was an ideal ride.

In order to get the group across the border into the United States, we racked our bikes on the trailers and road in the vans through the American border crossing. It would be really impractical, as individuals, to ride our bikes across the border. (Is it even legal??)

Our initial plan was to start riding in Flushing, Michigan and cover 130 kilometers, but the morning didn’t move along quite on schedule. The border crossing took a little longer than expected as the customs officers searched our vehicles and confiscated our oranges! Once we cleared customs, we drove to Bannister, Michigan, where we resumed our ride. Our distance today was a manageable 80 clicks. Seems short after the last few days.

The ride was pretty low key – farm land, mostly flat terrain, corn and cows.  The highlight was the little guy above.  Question is whether he is an alpaca or a lama.

That’s it for tonight.  I’m exhausted.

Details for today

Distance: 134 km. planned / 80 actual / 490 km. total

Route Map:  Sarnia, Ontario to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

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