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BIG and little


We are always concerned about where our bikes will be stored at night.  It would be devastating to have them stolen.  Last night, after dinner, as is our habit, we went to check our bikes.  We found them corralled by six big beasts.

image image

A group of six mammoth-sized BMW motorcycles watched over our bikes.  We knew they were safe.

I think I might upgrade my ride!


4 thoughts on “BIG and little

  1. Hey Good Blog, Bob Boorman is riding in Spain right now there is a chance you guys might cross paths so I am giving you his e-mail and you can tell him where you are . They might be headed your way boormanbob@gmail.com


  2. We are here for one more week. Stranger things have happened. I’ll email him.


  3. Only 1 week left. OH NO…This feels like coming to the end of a great movie or a book! I am so enjoying your blog and looking forward to your adventures in the next week!


    • We have done so much in three weeks, that the time has passed in a weird kind of way. We never know what day of the week it is anymore. We thought today was Thursday, only to find out at 5:00, that it is Wednesday.
      I’m glad to hear your are enjoying the blog. It is an unusual feeling to write something that others read. We know that others have an opinion about what we write. We just hope that it is a good experience for the reader.


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