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Blois to Amboise along La Loire à Vélo

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Today was a lovely, relaxing day of riding. The weather was warm and the wind was gentle as we travelled from Blois to Amboise along the La Loire à Vélo trail. The ride, at 50 kilometers, was thankfully, shorter than yesterday. Our ride was a mix of riverside trails, through forests, vineyards, and farm land; a bit of everything this area has to offer. We met some fellow Canadians and road along with them for a time, swapping stories and tips for the trip.

We were often surprised. Hidden behind a long stone fence, we found what appeared to be an abandoned château.

We rode by the Château de Chaumont, opting to admire it from a far.

Stopping in a small village, we admired the town church. Even in the smallest towns, we always find a beautiful church, each with its own unique aspect.


The highlights in Amboise are the château and the town’s connection to Leonardo da Vinci. The château was home to King François 1, the landlord from yesterday’s Château de Chambord post. This man really loved his real estate!

The Leonardo da Vinci connection is quite fascinating. King François became Leonardo’s benefactor in 1516 and Leonardo resided in Amboise in a manor home, Clos Lucé, which was a gift from the king. Da Vinci died in Amboise in 1519 and is buried in the chapel at Château d’Amboise.

Tonight, as we head to bed, instead of melodious church bells we heard last night, we hear the crying of a small child. C’est dommage! Even a vacation in France can’t always be perfect!

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