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En route to Nice, I mean Nimes


We are on the train today, from St. Emilion to Nimes, to start our exploration of Provence. Half way along the route, we are stopped in Toulouse because, further along the route, a train bridge over a river is stuck open. We hear rumors of how long it will take to fix. Perhaps, it will take up to six hours. The train conductor is not very helpful. He speaks little English and suggests, mimicking the motion, that we could ride our bikes instead of waiting for the train.

I think we have a solution as there is another direct train to Nice. I am very excited about this solution until I realize I have made a mistake. It is Nimes I mean to go to, not Nice.

Luck has been on our side so far. Every holiday will have some bad luck. Today, the train ultimately is cancelled and we are spending the afternoon and night in Toulouse. Tomorrow, we will go to Arles, which was to be our next stop after Nimes. Could be worse. We could be stuck in Neepawa after a freak snow storm.


At least SNCF feeds you while they hold you captive in their trains!

3 thoughts on “En route to Nice, I mean Nimes

  1. FYI I was actually in Neepawa today and there was no snow today. We’re enjoying your blog


  2. Wow you might need a snack after that little snack. Chilly in the Peg but managed to get 9 holes in!! Sounds like you are having a ball. Keep Well xoxo Babs


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